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Welcome, you have taken the first step to creating passive income online for years to come. There are many directions to go about when creating passive income. Unfortunately, there are few instructions that detail that process from start to finish. Here you will find a unique opportunity to be guided through each step at your own pace. Just keep reading, to find out more… “You won’t be disappointed”.

A Bit of Motivation

Like many, I am a single mother of 2 and still, I managed to graduate from college with honors. I did not have a broken family and never on the brink to homelessness. Nope, no sad story to pull you in… I am blessed to say I have had no hardships to dwell on and create such a story line. However, no one prepared me for the unjustifiable debt that student loans would put me in.

Although I had what many would consider a great career, it just was not enough to pay off my student loans at the rate in which interest rates were accumulating. With an excellent credit score, consistent job history and a decent wage, the student loans heavily weighed on my debt to income ratio. This made it impossible for me to purchase my dream home. I did not want to settle for less. I had worked to long and too hard to simply be content with what I could get, versus what I deserved.


So… I began to search for ways to create passive income. I started several businesses that failed and lost thousands of dollars, however I refused to give up. There are so many people and programs today that tell you of possibilities, but lack direction. Several want you to purchase unnecessary courses that get you no closer to your goal than you originally started.

Determined… I paid for course after course and came across one that was pretty exceptional, with direction and support, but it required a hefty price tag, in order to engage. I was so impressed with their commitment to work side by side with me until reaching $20K a month, that I had decided to entertain it, but not after researching it a bit more. To my surprise, I ran across a review that changed everything ever imaginable. The review not only provided me with the confirmation that I already felt, but at the end of the review, it offered me the same guidance, plus some additional perks, but minus the hefty price tag! With nothing to lose I paid the $7 (YES! $7). The internet’s best kept secret and I want to share these secrets with you, so you too can become debt free and financially secure. Everyone deserves the opportunity to grow. Thankfully someone gave that chance to me and it would not be fair if I did not pass it along.

Hopefully I have gained your trust, up to this point. If that is not the case that is understandable with the amount of untrustworthy information on various platforms all over the internet. But if you have got this far, you have given me credit and I thank you. With that credibility, I want you know with all sincerity that this is not a scam or a get-rich-quick scheme. It is a proven system that will work and guide you to your goals and possibly beyond. My contribution of this knowledge is merely to help you to succeed, and provide guidance and direction into the online world that’s already at your fingertips (literally).

No products, no experience, no high overhead, work from home, or anywhere for that matter… all while generating a passive income, even while you sleep! I hope to have your ATTENTION. There is no way to express to you, within text, just how REAL this is. Give me credit. You can trust me on this!

Guide to Success

If you are anything like me, you do not like failure. Although, in order to grow, failure is an inevitable part of the process. With that being said, I feel the need to share with you, the starting point to your success. Here I give you the key source that allows you to bypass the part where you lose thousands of dollars that lead to nowhere. Instead, I am going to share with you a proven system that works. A system that provides support and guides you every step of the way!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best and thank me later!!!

Jennifer Stovall

Feel free to reach out and please share this information with someone who has ambition, drive and a positive attitude.

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