What is Affiliate Marketing

Work smarter, not harder

Affiliate marketing opens up a world of variables. You can work for home, offer products and services that you only approve of, you can set your own schedule freeing up that priceless thing we call time. Affiliate marketing is low overhead, I can not even think of any liability, or risk involved, which is big for me. It is a win, win situation if you make the effort to do the necessary steps. The steps are not difficult, but they do require effort, thought and quality time to be invested.

Don’t Work Until You Die

When I was younger I recall thinking of what I wanted to be when I grew up? A doctor? A lawyer? Those are the top two careers that came to mind as a child because I knew that they made a lot of money. I knew those careers required an excessive amount of education – more than just a four-year degree, which I was willing to sacrifice, however I did not take into consideration the unscrupulous number of hours they put in per week. I wanted to make plenty of money, but I did not wish to take up all my time after spending all those years in college.

Warren Buffett said it most transparently, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”, these are the words of a great successor. With that in mind, and after much thought, I could not think of a better way to generate passive income than, affiliate marketing, but what is affiliate marketing you ask?

Take Control

Before we jump into that, check it out… I had gotten to the point of burnout when I chose to take control of my life. I would wake up at 6 am each morning, seven days a week and go to work. By the time I finally stopped working each day, it would be dark, most businesses, including restaurants would have closed and I would more often than not, generally pass out from exhaustion, just to wake up 4-5 hours later to do it all over again. You do not have to lecture me as to how unhealthy that was. I was working so much and the irony was that I was still not able to provide for my bare essentials. This made no sense, but what was I to do? Live off government assistance and settle for basic needs over wants for an eternity? I THINK NOT!

In our current economy, if you have not hit big on the lottery, managed to win a huge settlement, or become the beneficiary of an estate of some sort, you may realize how difficult it can be to care for yourself or others. With the rise of the cost of food, dining out, housing expenses, and gas… an average job, paying an average salary or wage just did not cut it.

So, what is affiliate marketing and what makes it the most lucrative online business technique to generate wealth? Affiliate marketing is more about constructing a blueprint that implements thorough, calculated tactic or an approach that will engage an audience and hold their attention just long enough, to direct them to a comfortable, safe and inviting space. Gaining the trust and confidence of an audience that in turn will ensure their participation with you over the competition. Bottom line… it comes down to being able to customize a strategy for the audience in which you wish to drive towards any products or services that they may be interested in.

Let’s be honest, we all wish to retire early, even if we have no plans to do anything extraordinary. We don’t want to work until we die, and therefore passive income is a resolution that will allow us to produce prosperity, all while peacefully, and sound asleep.

Audience FIRST, Money SECOND

Too often than not greed kills a business. Focus on your audience and always keep them at the forefront, when making choices, changes and decisions in your business. If you keep your audience first, the rest will fall in place.


Former Yahoo chief solutions’ officer and New York Times bestselling author, Tim Sanders, made a telling statement when he said, “Your network is your net worth”. Once you have your audience geared towards products and/or services that grasps their attention, the money part comes hand in hand. Many tend to concentrate so much on the money and the potential that their products and or services can likely yield, that they lose focus on driving the necessary traffic, in the necessary manner.

The Best Part

Aside from the money, there is the ability to market anything you like, whenever you like. What is affiliate marketing? It is an online world at your fingertips that allows you to produce quality with very little overhead and even less liability. The fact that you do not need a college degree, a brick and mortar storefront, or any physical merchandise alone, frankly saves you more in finances than the typical working citizen brings home ANNUALLY! It does not get much better than that.

It is cost-efficient and also one of the few entrepreneurships that you can advance and accelerate in without having to invest the majority or any of your profits earned, for that matter, back into the business. What is affiliate marketing to you? Would you be interested in a proven strategy that can eliminate your day to day stress and give you back the ability to take control of the amount of time you spend on work vs play?

Win, Win

You can rest assure and take a deeper dive to see for yourself just exactly what is affiliate marketing and how you can simply and easily curve the process of its strategic nature to work for what ever niche interests you and your audience. You will not be disappointed. However, if you sit there and assume that this is just another scam (which it is NOT), you will hinder yourself from loosing out on an experience and opportunity of a lifetime.

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